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About Us

The Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor

Are you looking for a State of the Art Veterinary Hospital Staffed by Professionals that love your pets as much as you do?

I would like to introduce to you myself and my staff. Choosing a veterinary hospital for your pet is a big decision and I would encourage you to come by for a free tour of our state of the art veterinary facility so that you can meet us. You will not find another hospital like ours.
-Dr. Joel Murphy

Dr. Joel Murphy of the Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor

About Our Veterinary Practice

We Care For Your Pet Like Our Very Own

When you visit our hospital, you will see for your self how dedicated we are to providing your pet with the very best veterinary care. All of our staff have pets that they truly love and they understand how important your pet is to you. That is why we welcome you to be with your pet during procedures and even surgery. You will not find a more dedicated and highly trained staff of professionals.

Advanced Medicine and Services For Your Dog , Cat or Bird

After graduating from veterinary school over 20 years ago, I received years of advanced training in dog and cat internal medicine and surgery at the University of Georgia Veterinary School. As well as special training in exotic bird medicine with some of the best veterinarians on the planet.

This is why we are able to provide you and your pet with advanced diagnostics and therapy if your pet suffers from a serious condition and needs special care such as dermatology, diabetes, cardiology, internal medicine, orthopedic surgery.

When you visit my hospital it will seem more like visiting a very warm home equipped with all of the state-of-the-art technology you would see at a major university hospital. You may have already seen us on Animal Planet, Good Morning America or any of the local television shows that we are a frequent guest.

In addition to my training and skills, I work closely with a team of local and national specialist in radiology, oncology, surgery, internal medicine, cardiology and opthamology that provide advance special care for your pet in their respective specialties. With our extensive network of specialist we can give your pet the best care available anywhere.

My staff is equally highly trained and educated – my technicians have college degrees in either biology, veterinary technology, or microbiology. You will not find a more dedicated, caring and highly trained group of individuals for your pet.

A Very Clean and State of The Art Facility

My staff takes great pride in keeping our hospital crystal clean for your pets. As you walk through our hospital you will find the most state-of-the-art equipment. We have the most up to date equipment so that we can diagnose your pet’s problems correctly and quickly. From internal medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, cardiology, orthopedic to exotic bird and reptile medicine, we have the knowledge and technology to take care of your pet.

An Extensive In House Laboratory

We have spent over $100,000 in the most up to date lab equipment so that we can diagnose your pet’s illnesses in a matter of minutes rather than sending our blood tests out to labs and waiting days to get results. In many of our patients this ability has made a difference between life and death.

In addition, we have the latest technology in ultrasounds, radiology, endoscopy, microsurgery and orthopedic surgery.

Advanced Anesthesia and Surgery For The Safety of Your Pet

We use all of the same monitoring equipment that you are used to seeing in human hospitals so that we can offer your pet the safest anesthetics when your pet needs surgery or dental cleanings. We monitor your pet with computerized EKG, Critikon Dinamap, and Nalcor pulse oximeter just like children in human hospitals. We not only have the safest gas anesthesia but also computers that breath for your pet under anesthesia with positive pressure ventilation.

We feel so confident that we are able to provide your pet with the safest anesthesia that we welcome you to observe and be with your pet during any surgical procedure.

You will not find many veterinary hospitals that are so confident in the safety of your pet that they will let you be with your pet during surgery. Our pets are like children to us and we understand that you feel the same way about your pets.

Specialist Care For Your Exotic Pet

The Animal & Bird Medical Center is an internationally recognized referral center for the care of exotic birds and other exotic pets. Our hospital and my books and research have been featured on the Animal Planet, Good Morning America, Bird Talk magazine as well as many veterinary and aviculture seminars in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Murphy was one of the first veterinarians in the world to be Board Certified in Exotic Bird Medicine and Surgery. From routine yearly blood tests and exams to echocardiograms and microsurgery we can give your pet bird, ferret, rabbit the care you and they deserve.

Meet the Animal & Bird
Medical Center Staff

Dr. Joel Murphy

Dr. Murphy has never been satisfied with being average at what he does. He has created a whole new standard in veterinary care. The Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor, Florida, a full-service hospital and boarding center, reflects his continued effort to offer you a higher standard in care for your cherished pet.

Dr. Murphy has written four books on pet care. His latest book How To Care For Your Pet Bird: Practical Advice From Dr. Joel Murphy just rolled off the presses this year and is available at the hospital (at a discount for clients). In-addition, Dr. Joel Murphy gives lectures at veterinary continuing education conferences and animal and bird societies every year.

Dr. Murphy has published 112 articles and 12 scientific papers. He produced a complete “How To” pet video series in 1988,  and has been featured on many radio shows as well as on Good Morning America.

More on Dr. Murphy…

Advanced Training In Veterinary Care For Your Pet

Dr. Murphy graduated Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a double bachelors degree in biochemistry and animal psychology.

He received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the world renowned University of Georgia Veterinary School. He was one of four students out of his entire veterinary class that qualified for an additional year of extremely rigorous training in dog and cat medicine and surgery. This was the most intense year of advanced training as he worked hand in hand with some of the top dermatologists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, radiologists and internal medicine specialists in the country.

In addition to his advance training in the diagnosis and treatment of dog and cat diseases, he served as Director of Exotic Animal and Bird Medicine at the University of Georgia Veterinary School and taught all of the exotic animal and bird classes to student veterinarians.

Purchase "How to Care for Your Pet Bird"

Holistic Medicine

In-addition to state of the art medicine and surgery, Dr. Murphy has been studying homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, Reiki and adamantine medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Murphy is well known across the United States for his holistic supplements that are sold in quality health food stores by the Renew Life Company.

The Highest Level of Expertise In Pet Bird Medicine

He is one of the first veterinarians in the world to become diplomat, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Certified in Avian Practice. This is the only advanced certification for exotic bird medicine and this level of expertise requires an extremely high level of training and testing.

In-addition, Dr. Murphy founded the Murphy Exotic Bird Research Center, one of the largest nonprofit bird sanctuaries for the study of how to best care for your parrots. Dr. Murphy has been doing research in the Amazon rainforest for 15 years, studying habitats and natural diets of parrots in the wild.

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A Little About Our Vet Staff

The Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor boasts one of the best veterinary staffs in the Tampa Bay area. Friendly and professional, this dedicated group of men and women strive to make you and your pet’s experience at the Animal & Bird Medical Center as comfortable and helpful as possible.

Between them, our staff has over 60 years of experience in the veterinary field, and collectively they own 20 dogs, 29 cats, 6 birds, 9 snakes, countless fish and lizards, and one horse. They understand your needs when it comes to your pet!


Our Free “Getting to Know You”

Introductory Offer

As you can tell, I think you will be very excited once you see our warm hospital and caring staff …. I know you’ll be very pleased with our ability to care for your pet.

That is why we would like to invite you to come down to the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor for a free tour with or without your pet. I want you to see for yourself how unique and special our service truly is. Plus my staff and I would love to have the opportunity to meet you and your pet and welcome you to the area.

We Will Pay 50% of Your Family’s First Office Visit and Examination and Give Your Pet One Night Free Boarding.

We are so sure that you will be delighted with our exceptional pet care that we are willing to pay ½ of your family’s first office visit and exam just to give you extra reason to check us out.

This is an offer you can make anytime. ….So , please call today to schedule your visit.
The phone number is: 727 784 0558

We are conveniently located in the Fountains Shopping Center right on US 19 between Nebraska Ave and Alderman Rd. You may have seen our sign as you drive by. There is a Wing House Restaurant in front of our office. Please call and ask for directions.

For your convenience we have early morning drop-off for treatments and
day care from 7:00 until 9:00 Monday – Friday.

Our office hours are from
9:00am – 6:00pm Monday – Friday and from 8:30am- Noon on Saturday.

I really hope that you’ll take advantage of this special offer, and I look forward to caring for your pet very soon!

Dr. Joel Murphy

P.S. The Animal & Bird Medical Center can greatly enhance your relationship with your pet giving you many years of health, happiness, and enjoyment together. Call to setup your “Free Getting To Know You” visit and ½ price office visit and exam.