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Avian Surgery at
the Animal & Bird
Medical Center of Palm Harbor

Avian and exotic surgeries are some of the most high tech and advanced surgeries performed at the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor. Dr. Joel Murphy was one of the first 20 veterinarians in the world to reach board certified avian specialty status.

We accept birds from the entire United States and Canada for surgical procedures. The Animal & Bird Medical Center is an internationally recognized referral center for exotic bird medicine and surgery.

High Tech Avian Surgery

Avian medicine requires a huge investment in specialized surgical instruments.

Radiosurgical units, lasers, microsurgery techniques, extremely safe anesthesia, surgical magnification, operating microscopes, laparoscopic cameras and orthopedic drills, saws are all utilized in avian surgery.


Isoflurane is the preferred inhalation anesthetic agent for birds. It offers very rapid induction of anesthesia and rapid recovery, and it causes less depression of cardiac output than other agents, it causes fewer problems with heart rhythm problems and it is less toxic to the liver than halothane.

Specific Avian Surgeries Commonly Performed

  • Fractures – very common in pet parrots
  • Liver Biopsy
  • Kidney Biopsy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Abdominal neoplasia
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Leg Prosthesis for amputee birds
  • Crop Biopsy to diagnose Viral Proventricular Disease
  • Crop burn resection surgery
  • Foreign Body removal
  • Feather cysts
  • Cancer surgery
  • Beak / Dental Surgery
  • Eye surgery
  • Sinus Surgery