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Ferrets are very prone to eating objects of rubber and plastic that are too big to pass through their intestinal tract. Rarely do ferrets vomit like a dog or cat in this situation. Usually ferrets get very quiet and inactive, and lose weight very rapidly. Obstructions are diagnosed by x-ray and ultrasound tests. Surgery is needed to remove the obstruction.

Adrenal Tumor Surgery

Adrenal gland tumors are very common tumors in pet ferrets. These tumors are very close or attached to the largest blood vessels in the abdomen called vena cava and aorta. Adrenal tumors require microsurgical techniques. At the Animal & Bird Medical Center we have an operating microscope and special magnification surgical glasses for doing these routine surgeries.

Cancer and Neoplasia

Ferrets are very prone to cancer. Surgical biopsy is necessary to diagnose these tumors.

A common tumor is the Beta cell insulinoma in the pancreas that releases toxic levels of insulin resulting in hypoglycemia, seizures and coma.